worth getting up for in april

neighbor's yard #latergram

Worth getting up for in April: the house got ceilings and walls and some floors; time in Augusta with my sister; time in Atlanta with Trav, and that day he and I sat on the couch for 12 hours watching the NBA playoffs; Record Store Day; Allie visiting; the South in springtime; the flowers in my backyard; the new Christopher Moore; Rhett Miller live; Rhett Miller’s hips in those jeans live; long weekends; the new Old 97’s record; Starburst jellybeans on clearance; long conversations on porches; this Billboard interview with John Darnielle and Pete Wentz discussing the Cubs, because seriously just writing that sentence; challenging people I love to do things, and having them challenge me back; binge reading trashy serial mystery novels; bacon barbeque sauce cheeseburgers; Matt Wieters but not his facial hair; listening to five episodes of Marc Maron’s WTF in a row yesterday; the shade of green that only North Carolina gets in spring; naps.

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