concert: dance concert for shelter animals

dance concert for shelter animals @ haw river ballroom

dance concert for shelter animals @ haw river ballroom

There’s a few things in here I discuss — including animal cruelty — that might be triggering to people, so please be aware.

Last night Haw River Ballroom hosted a concert / benefit put together by Goathouse Cat Refuge — who y’all know that I volunteer with — in support for the shutting down of the gas chambers used to kill unwanted shelter animals in North Carolina. You can read more about the cruelty that’s perpetuated against shelter animals in North Carolina shelters here, at Fix NC, and you should. That any counties in North Carolina continue to use gas chambers to kill un-adopted but otherwise healthy animals is horrifying to me, and something should be done about it. Most counties here no longer use chambers, but some do, and that is not okay.

Y’all also know that I second-camera’d for my buddy Gorman’s animal cruelty laws film, A Dog Called Gucci, earlier this spring, when he was filming a segment with Donna Lawrence and her puppy Susie, who changed the violence against animals laws in North Carolina in a big way.

We’ve changed those laws, North Carolina. Why are we still allowing shelters to kill their animals in equally cruel ways with gas chambers?

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