song share: kathleen grace – ‘no place to fall’ (townes van zandt)

leftover cuties @ local 506

Los Angeles country singer/songwriter Kathleen Grace wasn’t on my radar before this cover, but she certainly is now: this is a honest and true cover of one of Townes’ best (and most heartbreaking) songs, the same kind of desperate love and crushing loneliness rolled up together in the more-covered ‘If I Needed You’. Grace’s voice is enormous in its weariness, and the instrumentation is pure Texas while letting her vocals and the lyrics take the front line. It’s a pretty damn good cover of Townes, and it’s perked my ear for Grace’s upcoming LP No Place To Fall, which will be a mix of covers like this one as well as Grace’s own songs.

I’ll trust someone who takes this song and makes it a single from an album implicitly, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from Grace.

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