fun with search strings, summer 2013 edition

riotfest chicago friday

More things that people Googled instead of, I don’t know, Wikipedia-ing them. Or having opinions of their own.

    • north carolina triple a baseball: the Durham Bulls, and the Charlotte Knights, who technically belong to Charlotte and also technically play in South Carolina.
    • 100 foods in 100 counties nc: I assume you’re looking for Our State magazine’s list from several summers ago, which I have compiled here and am eating my way through.
    • what kind of film for toy traveller camera: depends on the camera, but most “toy” cameras these days take 120mm film (you can order it from Amazon or buy it at most good camera shops) or 35mm film. 35mm is easier to load, but I do love my Holga and its 120mm spools.
    • doing roy g biv in retail: are you trying to arrange your store in that order? That would be cool. Sometimes I just want to buy “a green dress” and then I could go to the green section. But I think you’ve been beaten to the idea, probably.
    • backsliders cat: I don’t know if any members of the Backsliders have cats, and if they did why you care, but I suppose someone who knows those guys better than me — Billie? — could speak to their positions on cats.
    • haunted old smithville burying ground southport nc: ooooh, is it haunted? I didn’t know that. Now I need to visit it again.
    • chad holbrook mike fox: to the best of my knowledge, Chad and Coach Fox (still) have a very good relationship — even despite our unceremonious removal of Chad’s USCe team from the NCAA tournament this year.
    • jason isbell pedalboard: circa 2009.
    • matt harvey vs alex white: via, below are their collegiate stats at UNC:
      Year       ERA   W-L   App  GS  CG   IP     H    R    ER   BB   SO  B/Avg  WP HBP BK
      2007....  4.94   6-7    19  18   0  98.1   100   63   54   48   83  .277   6   7   2
      2008....  2.83  13-3    20  15   1  101.2   78   43   32   42  113  .215   6   5   3
      2009....  3.87   8-4    16  16   1  107.0   93   49   46   44  121  .233  16   6   4
      Year       ERA   W-L   App  GS  CG     IP    H    R   ER   BB   SO  B/Avg  WP HBP  BK 
      2008....  2.79   7-2    19  16   0   67.2   52   31   21   47   80  .214   5   3   0
      2009....  5.40   7-2    21  13   0   75.0   88   52   45   42   81  .293  13   8   1 
      2010....  3.09   8-3    14  14   2   96.0   80   42   33   35  102  .224   9   6   2

      On the other hand, who started the All-Star game this year? So. Make your own decisions. (Also. The Carolina pitching staff threw a lot of wild pitches in 2009. Jeez.)

    • holiday brand mandolin: is there a particular mandolin for holidays? I’ll ask Andrew from Mandolin Orange.
    • i love brian fallon: me too, anonymous searcher. Me, too. I love Brian Fallon a lot.
    • gaslight anthem pedalboard: the edge, circa 2013.
    • matt harvey jerk: actually, when I poured a beer on him in 2010, he was really sweet about it. I certainly don’t know him beyond that beer incident, having watched him at Carolina for three years, and followed his pro career, but I don’t think Matt Harvey’s a jerk. He gave me an ulcer when he was in college, he was so inconsistent, but that doesn’t make him a jerk.
    • song cats and the cradle: Googler, I believe you mean Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s In The Cradle”, also covered by Cat Stevens. Or you mean what songs have been played at Carrboro’s Cat’s Cradle, which is a lot, so I will not list them here.
    • hery der schnabeltir oyun: I have no idea. Someone enlighten me as to what this means.
    • promo code for aunt ruby’s peanuts: if you find one, Googler, please email me and share. Alternately, Aunt Ruby’s Peanuts, you could send me a free sample.

And that’s your Late Summer Fun With Search Strings!

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