other people’s projects: project neon

fried twinkies in neon!

I like to keep track of cool photography projects out there, and it is turning out that a lot of the projects I like best are projects that are, at their centers, cataloging things that the photographers love. (I remain, all these years out of library school, a cataloger at heart.) One of these projects is Project Neon, a photographic tour through New York City’s neon signs. The woman behind the project is Kirsten Hively, and while she currently has Project Neon on hiatus for very good reasons of taking care of her health, it remains one of my favorite sites to get an update from, or to browse backwards through. Lovely photography, and a great devotion to protecting and preserving a really important part of NYC’s history.

Check it out, and enjoy it.

(This is not one of Kirsten’s neon photos; it’s from the original fried twinkies place at the NC State Fair.)

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