worth getting up for in july


Worth getting up for in July: seeing the Orioles with the Paternal Unit and the Unc; seeing the Orioles, for a second year in a row, while they were over .500 in July; Chris Davis hitting home runs; FLOPPY HAT NIGHT; seeing Young Vic’s latest version of HMS Pinafore with the parentals; the baritone who played Captain Corcoran; every place the parental units ever find to eat in Baltimore or elsewhere; naps; the first video from the new Julie Ruin album; Yoenis Cespedes going crazy during the home run derby; three Orioles starters on the All-Star team; how well all the All-Star Orioles played; realizing that on July 6, Manny Machado got to legally drink beer and the Paternal Unit got Medicare ahahahahaha; new videos from the Breedings; being a sneaky genius; announcements of new Dr Dog and the Head and the Heart; apparently just baseball, which is okay with me.

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