that little girl, so hot she’s scalding

bristol rhythm & roots reunion 2012: ha ha tonka

Don’t worry, I’m just having my semi-regular Ha Ha Tonka related head injury. This time prompted by their upcoming new record, which is still two months away from being in my hands, a fact that is currently driving me up a wall.

The version of ’12-Inch 3 Speed Oscillating Fan’ from last year at Bristol. At least one whoop on this video is me; I was shooting from right in front of Brett.

‘Close Every Valve To Your Bleeding Heart’: thick skinned, hard headed, better off you’re closing every valve to your bleeding heart

Just an audio stream of ‘No Great Harm’, but that’s okay, because ow my heart that song in any format:

And to conclude, inexplicable two minutes of Anthony Bourdain hanging out with the Tonk in Missouri, which delights me. (But does feature people shooting guns, so warning if that’s necessary.)

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