search strings revisited, summer 2013 edition

fall out boy @ 9:30 club

I haven’t done a search string post in a while! So let’s do that.

  • My top five searches in the last 90 days have all been about north carolina minor league baseball teams (that’s the top one). I have a list here. Kinston no longer has a team. The Mudcats adopted Kinston’s High-A Indians franchise; the Reds’ AA club moved to Pensacola. But when I made that list, that’s how the state of NC minor league ball stood.
  • ryan bingham fake teeth: yes.
  • grant hart: here.
  • matt harvey north carolina mustache: it was a terrible mustache, and with us only briefly, but I loved it. I was the only one. (I totally didn’t love it.)
  • does nick drake sing the song in the new sprint commercial ? I don’t know, but probably. That’s how most people have discovered Nick Drake, though licensing of his songs to commercials.
  • sweet basil southern pines hot vegetarian: that sandwich was my everything, you guys.
  • you could tell she had a history with cigarettes and whiskey and boys who had a way with words: trufax about me, and one of the best lines BJ’s ever written for American Aquarium.
  • fuck ass amazing triosome: don’t know what you were looking for, but I’m going to steal “fuck ass amazing”, okay? Okay.
  • list of things need from store: how am I supposed to know what you need?
  • heirlooms of august forever the moon: possibly some titles for future Sarah Dessen novels. Possibly a title for a future Sarah Dessen novel.
  • do they play a pirates of the caribbean song at u.s. cellular field: … what.
  • where did matt harvey grow up: Connecticut, and that kind of question is why they invented Wikipedia, dumbass, not my website.
  • funny unc baseball pictures: may I recommend this Vine?
  • the best lemon meringue pie and wilmington north carolina: if you find out, email me. Also if someone makes a grapefruit meringue pie.
  • “death of country music” shot glass: I don’t think Bloodshot makes them anymore, but you can check their store.
  • venues to write a reviews on baseball albums?: this is not English. Please rephrase.
  • liners for camera bags: Martilena for padded liners, and Pampered Paparazzi for neoprene lens and camera cases.

Can I also say? I get lots and lots of search hits for download links for full albums. I get that free music on the internet is a thing, and I am not exempt from having used that thing — but you’re not winning yourself any friends or backers when you repeatedly hit my website looking to steal music made by bands who are my friends. Go buy some of American Aquarium’s goddamned records and pay real money for them before I have to punch you assholes.

Or, say, go grab this sampler at NoiseTrade and then tip them! Wasn’t that easy? And nicer than getting punched?

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