show preview: modern skirts & the district attorneys

first house show at the FARM!

Convincing you to come to the 506 tonight, my reviews of the latest releases from Athens’ Modern Skirts and the District Attorneys.

The District Attorneys — Slowburner (2012): pealing and guttering modern guitars with Garth Hudson organ and ’50s doowop backing vocals and handclaps, this is a phenomenal follow-up from Atlanta’s District Attorneys to their 2011 EP. If you liked early Dexateens records or the Mister Heavenly record from last year, you will like this album, and you should go buy it from This Is American Music.

Modern Skirts — Gramahawk (2010): my favorite electro-indie-pop band from Athens; probably my favorite electro-indie-pop band in general. Starts slow but grows on you; the slink of “American Gothic” and the pop of “Happy 81” make this one an early best of contender and a serious keeper. One of Athens’ most underrated indie rock bands, and Athens has a lot of underrated indie rock bands.

Come on! Be there! Show at 9pm, tickets $8 at the door.

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