worth getting up for in april

the deep dark woods @ local 506

Worth getting up for in April: Delta Spirit, Alabama Shakes, Hoots & Hellmouth, the Lumineers, Deep Dark Woods live; my new tattoo all healed up; paid photo jobs, unpaid photo jobs, and photo jobs paid in beer and dope; vintage pick-up trucks at twilight; not paying my undergrad loan (because it’s paid off); crossing things off the life list; finally seeing The Hunger Games; pink polka dot dresses; being responsible with my money; the farmer’s market on Saturdays; shooting the Chili Peppers from the photo pit; sunny Sunday afternoon naps; the new Waco Brothers album; the new Christopher Moore book; naps; Marvel superhero movie marathons; Smitten Kitchen’s roasted red pepper white bean dip; the Basketball Jones Overdose from 4/20; Shakori Hills; spring weather.

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