the devil makes three @ cat’s cradle

the devil makes three @ cat's cradle

the devil makes three @ cat's cradle

After two shows, the Devil Makes Three are rapidly becoming one of my favorite bands to see live; I like their studio stuff, but their stage presence — unassuming until WHAM! they start really rocking — is a huge part of why they’re so great live. The harmonies, the thumping bass, the way they all three seem to love what they’re doing. It makes it a pleasure to see them, and last night’s high energy, sing-along show was no exception.

the devil makes three @ cat's cradle

the devil makes three @ cat's cradle

phillip roebuck @ cat's cradle

They’re currently on the road with Flogging Molly, a pairing I’d have never thought of but which makes a weird kind of delicious sense, but their stop last night was a headlining tour with Phillip Roebuck, a one man garage punk banjo band. Basically he makes insane country art rock through a banjo and a pedal board that most indie musicians would kill for, and if he’s never toured with Curtis Eller he needs to, and they can call it Two Men With Two Banjos Doing Insane Banjo Things. They could maybe invite Two Man Gentleman Band along.

Full set here.

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