there is a story in this blurry cd photo

This is a blurry photo of a CD, poorly white-balanced and not quite in focus, but it’s important because under those words and that disc, it’s my photo on the inside of Wylie Hunter & the Cazadores’ upcoming full-length. One of the shots that we took at CD Alley back in January.

It’s on my life list, which I made almost two years ago and sort of abandoned after that (but which I’m trying to get back to, if only to shake my life up a little), to have my photos on an album cover, and used in the liner notes. This is the third band to use my shots in their liner notes — Sinful Savage Tigers used a fusion of my live shots last fall, and one of my shots from the recording show is in the American Aquarium live album notes, though I couldn’t find either of those to take photos of — and so I guess I can check the second half of that item off my list.

It feels pretty damn good. Now, who wants to put this photo on the cover of their next album? Bueller? Anyone?

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