hacking a brownie

toys for girls

A few years ago, Ash gave me a vintage Kodak Brownie, in working condition but minus its 620mm spools, for my birthday — I’ve been trying to find spools for it since, albeit half-heartedly, but when a pair turned up on my Etsy favorites list for cheap last week, I had to jump on them. Hacked it courtesy this site, loaded some Fuji 400 120mm into it with the help of the dudes at Southeastern Camera, and got it working.

I’ll have three rolls of 120mm to send off for development soon; two from my Holga 120H, also a gift from Ash, and one from the Brownie. I can’t wait to see what they look like.

(I bought my spools from FotoRetro, and I can totally recommend buying anything from him. Good prices and amazing services.)

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