worth getting up for: october

jenni & chiv's wedding

Worth getting up for in October: Stephen Malkmus, Adam WarRock, Wild Flag, Blitzen Trapper, Mike Doughty live; interviewing Frontier Ruckus; MLB playoffs; having a car that you cannot hear arriving at 100 yards for the first time in six months; fall weather and sweaters and boots and vintage dresses; losing five pounds; J.; Shakori Hills; coffee; General Mills’ monster marshmellow cereals; grits; the JD Robb Eve Dallas series; lazy days at work; big ideas and people willing to indulge me; the spaghetti with meat sauce at IP3 on Franklin Street; pink sequined ballet flats; Jenni & Chiv’s wedding; Carrburritos; visits from t. and Ben; naps; red wine.

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