happy anniversary to me

college baseball: clemson @ unc, game 3

Hey, this blog is two years old today! I’ve been writing, in some format, on the web since 1996, and this is neither the most complete or the most personal format it’s ever taken, but over the last two years, it’s the happiest and most comfortable I’ve been doing all of that. So here’s to two years of photos and records that make me dance and baseball games won and lost and stupid 19 year olds wearing their gloves on their heads for conferences on the mound, and live shows and sunrise over the beach and Bristol Rhythm & Roots, and shep. & t. & Ash & the rest of the Axis (always) and friends here and elsewhere and the parental units and my baby sister and the Cowboy, and the particular color of green that North Carolina gets in April and poetry and “Flashes and Cables”, which remains my favorite Centro-matic song of all time: all these flashes and cables/won’t somebody save us. And now you know where my “talking about photography” category name comes from.

Here at brand new kind of photography headquarters, we have celebrated the last two April 20ths with photos of idiot man-child third basepersons, so here is another, UNC’s fourth in four years, and one I’d like to stick around for a few years. His name is Colin and he’s the nephew of Carolina baseball royalty and last I checked, he was leading the ACC in RBIs as a true freshman. (He might not be anymore. The Heels stunk bad in Raleigh over the weekend.) He’s a pretty fantastic baseball player.

April 20th, 2009. April 21th, 2010.

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