play colors

jesse malin & the st mark's social @ kings barcade

Painters stand between the junkies and the psychos. They don’t move, they don’t jump or whisper or dance; they listen ferociously. I admire this. — Kristin Hersh

I’m reading Kristin Hersh’s Rat Girl right now; it is fierce and gorgeous and utterly heart-breaking. Highly, highly recommended. (I reading it among other things, I should say, as I am always reading about six things at once. The Cowboy loaned me Jack O’Connell’s Word Made Flesh and I am doling that out to myself in 20 page increments at lunch at work, because the language of it — not to mention the story — is so stunning that I can’t really cope with more than that much of it at one time; it makes me despair that I will never make anything that lovely and creepy and fascinating. And I’m carrying around a Lester Bangs collection in my camera bag. But so far Rat Girl is the only one actively breaking my heart.)


Author: brandnewkindof

Photographer, baseball fan, lover of rock music, sweet tea, chili cheese hotdogs, and Matt Wieters.

2 thoughts on “play colors”

  1. I came here to be like, “Do you mean ‘Word Made Flesh,’ the one about literary tattoos????” And then I realized you named the author, and so I do not have to ask you that question. But I think you would like the tattoo one anyway, even though it’s just pictures. There’s a tumblr, but really I want to flip through the book.

    1. i think i own the one about literary tattoos! once my parents got over me being, you know, tattooed, my mom bought me a bunch of books of tattoo art/history/etc. i should go home and look. yeah. i think i own it! if i do, you can look at it in THREE WEEKS.

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