jesse malin & the st mark’s social @ kings barcade

jesse malin & the st mark's social @ kings barcade

jesse malin & the st mark's social @ kings barcade

jesse malin & the st mark's social @ kings barcade

I went to see Jesse Malin last night with Ash, basically on the strength of how much I love his ridiculous self-indulgent covers album, and I walked out a convert to everything else he does. The St. Mark’s Social, his current backing band, are incredibly tight musicians, and Jesse is a captivating frontman — can’t take your eyes off him kind of frontman. He’s a superb songwriting, a great performer, and he rocked the hell out of the small crowd at Kings like nobody’s business. There’s not much more to say: he played for just about an hour and a half, and he was on, absolutely killing it, for the whole set. It was spectacular.

I’ve seen a lot more great electric guitar hard rocking shows this year than I did last year, and I’m really kind of into it. I’m in the mood to get my ass kicked by my music right now, be it sonically or emotionally or both.

Locals Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest Girls opened; Bacchus and Malin played together in glam rock band D Generation back in the day, and you can still see hints of that in Malin’s stage presence, and his sound. (I love glam rock. This is not a complaint.) I’d definitely go see Bacchus again, maybe in a smaller place, maybe on a headline set; I’m not sure, because I was so excited about seeing Malin, that I gave them a fair shake. They’re all great musicians, regardless — I’ll see them again. I’ve only been trying to see them for, like, three years now. So I’m glad I finally did.

Kings has redone their lights and gone from “cave-like but workable” to “cave-like and awful”. Fail, Kings.


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