onward soldiers @ nightlight

onward, soldiers @ nightlight

onward, soldiers @ nightlight

I have, at various points in time, spent a lot of time entertaining myself by thinking up interesting/hilarious/very specifically themed tour pairings. It’s something to think about when I don’t have anything else to think about, and occasionally I entertained myself not just casually with these ideas, but wildly with them, although most of those brilliant ideas are lost to the annals of time and the depths of my gmail account. (Once upon a time, I thought up a tour that could have been called the Certainty tour, as in the only things that are certain are death and taxes, and Murder by Death was involved, but I have forgotten the remainder of the cleverness. It was really clever, though.)

But last night, watching Wilmington’s Onward, Soldiers, play to an engaged but placid and small crowd, the tour pairing that they really need is a long Southeast tour with my beloved Holy Ghost Tent Revival. Holy Ghost draws, now, all the way across the southeastern states, and their crowds would eat up Onward, Soldiers’ genre-bending rock-and-rolling swinging blues-wailing sound. They’re not one band, they’re five or six, depending on the song and what instrument baby-faced Sean Thomas Gerard picks up, and that’s something that Holy Ghost has always done really well, too. Don’t pigeonhole them — just sit back and listen to where they’re going take a song, and dance.

Gerard is a stellar songwriting, really deft with words, and he has a knack for knowing which sound fits which song he’s composing; he professes to hate “Let The Time Roll By”, the folkiest and most swinging song on their album, but it’s my favorite — the chorus is irresistible, and these guys deserve way more people out seeing them, singing Gerard’s sharp lyrics right back at him.

If you don’t trust me, the official video for “Let The Time Roll By” can be seen here. Don’t blame me when you’re earwormed.

They’ll be back in the Triangle 2/11 at the Open Eye in Carrboro, apparently, and 2/18 at the Casbah in Durham. Don’t miss ’em.

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