2011: do something amazing

#1: do you think it's gonna make him change

In 2011, I’m going to take a bathroom self-portrait at every show I attend. I go to a lot of shows and take a lot of photos, but they are very rarely of myself, so I’m going to change that. There are lots of things that interest me about it — setting, lighting, people around. This is the first shot from that project: taken in the Nightlight bathroom on January 1 at the Hank/Townes tribute show.

I like projects. I like the structure of them, really, because I have control issues. I like having an idea of what I’m going to do, you know? It’s why I made my Life List last year; if I am always working on something, I will never be bored. I’m going to work on crossing things off that list this year, and I have a few other photo series in my head, and Michelle and I will probably throw a joint project together at some point (similar to but not our Project 182, I would guess).

I had some real periods of photographer’s block last year, so I’m trying to stay motivated in 2011, motivated and not bored by my own shooting. To start with I’m keeping this blog post of Chip Litherland’s open, about 100 things completely right about working as a photographer. Photographer’s block is just mental; I’m keeping my eyes, my mind, my heart open this year.

And I want to link you to another great project, this one by my friend Erica: the Cleveland Project, one resident’s attempt to see and do and experience every item on the Plain Dealer’s list of 100 things that make Cleveland the best. Erica is awesome, and I think this is a great project — just fantastic. I’m looking forward to following it.

So what amazing things are you doing in 2011?

(Dear Mama, happy birthday! I love you very much. Love, your daughter)

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