when you stop being startled by rock stars

cassis orange @ cat's cradle

I will get to the point made in the subject line eventually.

Last summer the Cat’s Cradle, the Triangle’s oldest and most venerable rock club, replaced their entire ancient light rig with a gorgeous, well-balanced pro rig. It was done for MergeXX, as were quite a few other venue upgrades, and if local gossip told to me at the 506 last October holds, Merge Records helped fund the rig and the renovations, which is only fair — the Cradle has been good to Merge over the years. (They have been good to each other, those two, really. Merge and the Cradle, the heart of why the Triangle scene matters, outside of all those awesome bands we have. Anyway. That’s another post. Mostly we’re awesome because we’re awesome.) So there is this light rig, and it is capable of putting out clean, sharp, beautifully colored light. I love that light rig a lot. And I never understand when it isn’t used to its full capacity, because if everyone on stage doesn’t have to be orange, they shouldn’t be.

I have been restless and over-thinking this week; caught up in planning and pitching some projects, worrying about some upcoming travel. I went out last night but didn’t have the patience or zen-ness to stay out, but I did overcome an underutilized light rig to grab this shot, which I love like nobody’s business. Some nights, if I just make one great shot, I count it as a success.

But as for the subject line: whenever I see someone on the internet being jealous of surprise!John Darnielle on stage at shows, be they Superchunk or other shows, I am very grateful to live in a place where John Darnielle is a normal occurrence, not a surprise. Where labels pay for light rigs. Where Mac McCaughan is Superchunk and the guy who owns Merge, but he’s also just Mac, who shops at CD Alley and goes out to dives to see bands. Today on this first day of a week in which we will eventually celebrate turkey and giving thanks, I’m thankful for the Triangle scene, the people it’s brought me, the music they make, and also for really, really good light rigs, used or not.

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