worth getting up for: june

trkfest 2010: midtown dickens, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Worth getting up for in June: American Aquarium at the 506; TRKFest; Langhorne Slim at the Cradle; Tift Merritt’s See You On The Moon, Blitzen Trapper’s Destroyer of the Void, and the Gaslight Anthem’s American Slang; NCAA tournament baseball; the College World Series, even (and especially) when I don’t have a horse in the race; delightful fruitcake UCLA pitcher Trevor Bauer; having sick days to take when I’m sick, and being able to go back to bed after getting up; Oriole Park at Camden Yards, even when the Orioles are terrible; barbecue from Allen & Son; crossing things off my to-do list; awesome publicists; the fake-plastic sound of a Holga shutter clicking; Bear McCreary’s score for Battlestar Galactica; random mystery novels, and also new mystery novels from all my favorite authors in a sweeping three month period; having someone say to me, you don’t want to do that, you want to do this, and having them be right and more than right; surprises and unexpected lagniappes; four game winning streaks; celebrating Brian Fallon Day four or five times a week with Martha; reference librarians at out of state libraries who aren’t fazed by slightly odd email reference requests; concerts at Duke Gardens.


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