brothers in arms: jonny and joah

jonny and joah

Supporting the local music scene anywhere means a lot of things; sometimes you see the bands who are about to blow up in tiny venues before anyone knows who they are, sometimes you find a band to love that you would never have heard of if you lived anywhere other than where you do. You get to know musicians and fans and venue staff and sound guys and tapers who’ll upload live sets they aren’t otherwise sharing for you to snag. (Thanks, Larry.)

You find friends who are as willing to support you in your occasionally hair-brained pursuits as you’ve supported them in theirs. I’m working on a project right now that I’m still holding pretty close to my heart, but this afternoon Jonny and Joah Tunnell — of the Never and the Big Picture and a variety of other bands — gave me half an hour of their time in pursuit of it. I am lucky to know such patient, indulgent, interesting guys.

jonny and joah

jonny and joah

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