worth getting up for: january

flooowers, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Worth getting up for in January: waking up in a world where Tim Tebow no longer plays college football; big ideas; doing scary things; Brian Fallon solo acoustic shows; punk rockers covering Kathleen Edwards and Patti Griffin; this photo; putting the camera down and just rocking; tapas and dim sum; KISS ME, HOLMES!; visits from the Alpha Site’s friend the HP; taking a deep breath and relaxing; three weeks to college baseball; the Blind Tiger when it’s not packed so full you can’t breath; Elton John covers; discovering new bands via openers and friends of friends; going to the Pour House on Fridays and not double tall Long Island Saturdays and therefore not being hungover as crap on Sunday mornings; finding live sets full of unrecorded-in-studio material by beloved bands on archive.org; Tim Barry’s 28th & Stonewall; brief stretches that feel like spring; angry NC State fans, garden gnomes named Herb, and Gary Williams’ Twitter; Robert Downey Jr.’s Golden Globes acceptance speech; finding songs you love buried in your iTunes library; sunshine on snow.

Good Lord, I am ready for spring to get here. Let’s all look at these flowers and try to make spring happen with the power of our minds, okay? Okay.

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  1. seenonflickr says:

    And thanks for the RDJ speech link! ❤

    1. brandnewkindof says:

      i loved, LOVED, LOVED his GG speech. i laughed until i cried watching it again before i made this post.

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