actualfax southern snow

actualfax southern snow, originally uploaded by minervacat.

The snow and ice down here knocked out at least two of the three shows I’d had on the books for this weekend (American Aquarium at the Pour House went on as scheduled, sans us because driving to and from Raleigh wasn’t in the cards last evening; the Roadside Graves set in the CH tonight was canceled, presumably because the Graves couldn’t get here), and will likely cause me to bag tomorrow night’s Physics of Meaning/Butterflies/Ari Picker set at the Nightlight, too. I’m vaguely cranky about this, because I needed a weekend of rock and also it’s unbearably cold here, but at least the snow is gorgeous to look at.

We did venture out last night before the weather got awful, to see Sherlock Holmes for the fourth time, and I just keep enjoying it more, finding more tiny details that delight me every time I see it. (I’m the only person who missed the Sphinxes on Blackwood’s tomb the first three times, right?) If that movie doesn’t win some sort of design award this season, I’m going to have to punch an Academy voter.

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