worth getting up for: november

unc: flowers for eve, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Worth getting up for in November: Micah Schnabel’s When The Stage Lights Go Dim; the Iron Bowl, Texas/A&M, Boise State, and TCU’s dismantling of their entire conference; Thanksgiving at the beach; federal holidays (there are TWO in November); semi-trashy historical fiction; emails from major labels; Southeastern Camera in Raleigh, purveyors of excellent rentals and used camera bodies; CHUCK! and the Yankees’ World Series win; cheese; Nikon warranties; college basketball coming back to me; advances on 2010 albums (which means we’re almost out of godforsaken 2009); turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy; finally getting the three boxes of books on my bedroom floor donated to the library; Adorama’s printing service; almost time to buy Carolina baseball season tickets!; making Christmas lists; a few brief days of Indian summer; but also sweater weather; the official BCS twitter and people’s reactions to it; man, seriously, it’s been almost five months and I still haven’t gotten tired of Ha Ha Tonka’s Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South; cranberry Jell-o shots; Charleston graveyards; sweaters with hoods; Kendric Burney and the Carolina defense’s brief and glorious tendency to score touchdowns; The Roy’s 600th victory; fried olives and Old West burgers and garlic fries at Tyler’s; Lane Kiffin shoving Jonathon Crompton in his excitement over winning; Bright Eyes’ “Southern State”; my new grey sweater with the hood; arygle knee socks; angry hateful Mormon QB Max Hall (my sort of people, except for the Mormon bit); getting the camera back; re-learning how to love my Coolpix; committments to Carolina baseball by New Yorkers who wear their pants under their armpits; naps.

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