holy ghost tent revival @ trekky records studio

I’m really hung up on music studio photography lately; that’s what’s been kicking me into high mental gear this week. In specific, this photo of My Chemical Romance’s Ray Toro (left) and Gerard Way (right) has just absolutely fascinated me. That’s my inspiration for the week. How to make photos that are just as captivating.

I’m hoping to get into the studio with a few bands this winter and spring. I think I like studio photography because it feels somehow the most intimate; promo photography is all professional, about press, and live photography is about performance. Not that they aren’t both also about work, but somehow taking a camera into the studio with a band says “work” even louder to me. It’s process, both for me and for the musicians. I like that. It’s something I’m drawn to, and something I wish I got to do more of.

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