espn college game day: chapel hill

Carolina tips off their first nationally — not on the U, not regionally — televised game tonight against THE Ohio State University.  I am allowing myself to watch the first half and then I have to go to bed, because I am an old person, and also I have nothing to do with their success or failure.

After Sunday’s slim win against Valparaiso, I saw some blog comments that said Carolina’s not ready for prime time right now, why are they ranked so high, and I had to roll my eyes a little.  Seriously: it isn’t the team themselves who ranked Carolina anywhere from #7 to #4 pre-season; they’re starting two seniors (one of whom is returning from missing an entire season to an injury), two sophomores (who both had limited playing time last year), and a junior who got kicked off the team last spring.  Most of their bench is made up of freshmen, plus a scattering of sophomores who missed most of last year to an injury ot who hardly played because they’re still a little too wild for Roy’s regular tastes.  They’re replacing four NBA draft picks, several of whom were All-Americans, and they’re replacing the all-time leading scorer in Carolina history.  Come on, bloggers: any team in the nation that was replacing a player as important as Tyler Hansbrough was to the Heels the last four years, damn straight they’re not going to be ready for prime time in the third game of the season.  I’m not saying the bloggers need to cut the team some slack, because this team is what it is, the raw talent is there but the polish isn’t, and I’m excited to see what they become along the way; I’m saying the bloggers need to stop being idiots who are surprised by these developments.  Jesus Christ. Of course they’re raggedy; they’re mostly babies.

I have to get to the Dean Dome this year, though.  I heard a rumor about how we have another banner or something like that.

(I’ve been really enjoying the archives of the Sports Photography Blog lately; the information is thorough and excellent.)

(Okay, who was googling for Chuck Teixeira?)

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  1. seenonflickr says:

    I just googled for Chuck Teixeira. (You’re on the third page of results, FYI.)

    1. brandnewkindof says:

      MAN! There are A LOT of Chuck Teixieras out there. I’m surprised and a little sad that our Chuck is not the only Chuck.

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