unc: the weirdest art on campus.

This one is for Andrea.

  • This sculpture used to be tucked into the tiny sculpture garden behind the Ackland Art Gallery on campus. I thought it was simultaneously amazing, bizarre, and gratuitous, and it always made me think of a dumb joke that never fails to make me laugh: What did Matt Doherty do that Mack Brown never could? Make Carolina a football school. Don’t worry if you don’t get that; it really isn’t that funny, for some reason it just kills me anyway. But this sculpture always struck me as a real testament, concrete and there, to Carolina’s irrational but well-meaning devotion to its basketball team.
  • I miss working on Franklin Street. I don’t miss the ex-job, the way sometimes they wouldn’t bother to pay me for a month at a time, or not having health insurance, a 401k, or any stability at all, but I do miss its location. I miss having choices other than fast food for lunch, I miss spending an hour sitting at the bar at Linda’s talking about baseball with Dennis and short stories with Zach. I miss being able to walk up the street and spend my lunch hour puttering around in CD Alley. I miss having anything at all to take photos of beyond cars and the way North Carolina does “suburban” sprawl (all of the Triangle and none of it is suburban, which shouldn’t be possible but is); I probably miss my lunchtime shooting the most. Going out with the camera to the same places over and over again, albeit interesting places, made me think outside the box immensely. I don’t miss the job but I do miss Franklin Street.
  • That shot was taken in February, but the bare trees make me ready for fall, if not yet ready for bare trees. At the very least I’m ready for the overpowering humidity to go away for a while.

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