hoots and hellmouth — the holy open secret

Hoots & Hellmouth — The Holy Open Secret.  Not a brand new release, but a 2009 album that I can’t stop thinking about and listening to.  I often struggle to describe the sound of an album I’m talking about, because “hipsters with banjos” doesn’t exactly convey a detailed sonic concept and “indie rock” is so friggin’ broad and while often appropriate is also mostly not complete enough.  That said: I think the best way to describe this album is not the ubiquitous blog descriptor “roots rock”, but rather “roots pop”.  This is an album by a band with strong Americana leanings (hipsters with banjos, etc etc, except none of them have banjos, just, metaphorical banjos), but it has an underlying clever pop sensibility fused into it, which a lot of roots rock and Americana doesn’t have.  Which makes it stand out to me — it isn’t a life-changingly stellar album, but it’s really solid from start to finish, catchy and danceable, and it doesn’t quite sound like every other indie hipster Americana album out there.  There’s something a little different about it, and that’s awesome.  (Which goes to show: when my friends play with somebody repeatedly, I should probably pay attention to what that somebody’s doing.)

We caught them in Bristol this past weekend and they totally killed it live, too.

[Hoots & Hellmouth — “You and All of Us”] 7MB, .mp3.

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