carrboro farmer’s market

carrboro farmer’s market, originally uploaded by minervacat. A few weeks ago, shep. shared this New York Times article on people who photograph their food on Google Reader, and I just wanted to echo her sentiment from the original share: food photography on that level will make you a lunatic, and I still both miss it…

hello brown one hello blue one

unc campus, spring, originally uploaded by minervacat. hello blackbird, hello starling winter’s over, be my darling long time coming but now the snow is gone

i do believe

It’s like Peter Pan: if you believe in spring hard enough, it will happen. And speaking of believing, a book recommendation: NPR’s 2006 compilation This I Believe: the Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women. I picked it up at BookExpo in 2006, and found it both moving and astonishing.

worth getting up for: january

flooowers, originally uploaded by minervacat. Worth getting up for in January: waking up in a world where Tim Tebow no longer plays college football; big ideas; doing scary things; Brian Fallon solo acoustic shows; punk rockers covering Kathleen Edwards and Patti Griffin; this photo; putting the camera down and just rocking; tapas and dim sum;…