carrboro farmer’s market

carrboro farmer’s market, originally uploaded by minervacat.

A few weeks ago, shep. shared this New York Times article on people who photograph their food on Google Reader, and I just wanted to echo her sentiment from the original share: food photography on that level will make you a lunatic, and I still both miss it and would never, ever, ever do it again for a sustained period of time. It was an amazing project that I wish I had initially given both more time and effort to, but I will never take on something that hugely time consuming again without thinking it through very seriously first.

Props to people who can do it, though. Like I said, I miss doing it, and my instinct is still to take photos of everything I put into my mouth, even though I’m four months free of the project. Talk about habit-forming.

And speaking of projects: shep. is sampling 100 different beers and documenting it here. Most of them have been delicious! (I have taste-tested almost all of them with her. You know. For, uh, science.)

And Michelle and I are collaborating on a 365 project — we each shoot every other day — the results of which you can follow here. It started as a motivator to get both of us shooting more, but has turned into a pretty neat little collection of photos and stories; there’s some good stuff waiting for us to post it! (One post a day, about a month behind actually shooting, for the foreseeable future. Low volume, I promise!)

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