worth getting up for this summer

fourth of july

Worth getting up over the summer and September: visits from old friends; enormous grill dinners; the USWNT winning the World Cup; Kacey Musgraves’ Pageant Material; floppy hat night at Camden Yards; walk-off home runs; my sister’s puppies and our kittens; Trav, forever; episodes of Psych I haven’t seen before; True Detective, mostly; summer productions of Gilbert & Sullivan; Leverage; the new Sara Paretsky and the new Margaret Maron and the new Kathy Reichs and the new JD Robb novels; Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy; tomatoes and peppers I grew myself; the new furniture and art in the bedroom; Hopscotch day parties; Frank Turner’s Positive Songs For Negative People; Dan Schram giving me a photo pass for Hopscotch Main Stage on Saturday; American Aquarium and X and Dwight Yoakam on that stage; Beasley’s chicken; Carrboro Music Festival; people I love; Langhorne Slim’s The Spirit Moves; Langhorne Slim and Pokey Lafarge live; Nick Chubb running the dang ball for the Dawgs; crockpot soup; my new camera bag from Epiphanie; naps.

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