worth getting up for so far in 2015

these are some dopey kittens

Worth getting up for: Trav; Trav living in my house; Trav’s couch; the kittens; Scott Antique Market in Atlanta; the grill on my back porch; North Carolina getting green; baseball; the NBA playoffs; house concerts; Smitten Kitchen’s roasted tomato Israeli pearl couscous recipe; kebabs; my garden; the Carolina wren nesting in my watering can planter; obsessing about gardens via Pinterest; the new Kacey Murgraves album, the new Leon Bridges album, the new Courtney Barnett album; Games of Thrones and True Detective, the Parks & Rec finale, and Grimm; every email conversation with Allie, ever; the Warriors winning the NBA and what a fun year the Hawks had; the Carolina women’s basketball team; sitting at the Bosh with shep. because I missed the baseball team; saving money; feeling like a grown-up; beer; naps; sunshine; having the windows open; all my plants that aren’t dead yet; making things; wind chimes; continued existence.

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