christmas mix: all i know


I’ve been making what I call a Christmas mix — that is, not holiday songs but a mix made at the holidays — since 1997; first they were tapes, then for a few years cds, and finally, in the digital age, the last seven nine ten years have been downloadable zip files, and this year is no exception. These are songs — frequently but not necessarily released in 2014 — that meant something to me this year, for various reasons, and they are for you. The whole shebang is available as a zip file [here] (135MB, .zip).

Happy holidays, happy 2014, happy these are great songs — whatever floats your boat. This is from me to you. 2014, I am glad to see your back end, but I am also glad to know I am strong enough to survive the kind of bullshit that got flung in my direction. Also, I fell in love and the world gave me 1989 so I can’t complain. That’s all you can expect: good, bad, love, Taylor Swift. That’s all I know.

If you creep about lurking and you only comment on one post all year, this would be a good one. I’m just sayin’. ♥

  1. Ani DiFranco – “Joyful Girl”: i do it for the joy it brings / because i’m a joyful girl / because the world owes me nothing / and we owe each other the world
  2. Frank Turner – “The Corner” (Cory Branan cover): down on the corner of what i want / and what i tend to get
  3. Noah Gundersen – “Cigarettes”: you remind me of cigarettes
  4. Caleb Caudle – “How’d You Learn”: how’d you learn to calm the storm, how’d you learn to make a cold heart warm
  5. Mason Jennings – “Brand New Old Friend”: hello my brand new old friend / so glad to see you again / we must go way way back / don’t it just feel now like that
  6. The Wild – “Dreams Are Maps”: don’t let the deeds your past become a trap
  7. The Avett Brothers – “Open-Ended Life”: i spent my whole life talking to convince everyone / that i was something else / and the part that kinda hurts / is i think it finally worked
  8. Thea Gilmore – “Start As We Mean To Go On”: when trouble comes we’ll start the drums and leave it in our wake
  9. Oh Honey – “Be Okay”: i’m wide awake, so what’s the point of dreaming when your life is great?
  10. Lake Street Dive – “Bad Self Portraits”: a lonesome highway / is a pretty good subject / i’m gonna make myself make use of this thing
  11. Cory Branan – “The No-Hit Wonder”: it is what it is, boys, it is what it is
  12. Old 97’s – “Longer Than You’ve Been Alive”: love is a marathon / sometimes you puke
  13. Lydia Loveless – “All I Know”: all i know is that i’m going to see you again / all i know is that i’m going to be with you again
  14. Taylor Swift – “New Romantics”: baby, we’re the new romantics / the best people in life are free
  15. Vance Joy – “Riptide”: i wanna be your left hand man / i love you when you’re singing that song and / i got a lump in my throat ’cause / you’re gonna sing the words wrong

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Lizard says:

    Godzilla, I am terribly fond of these mixes. I have 8 of them now, I think, and they always make me want to give you such a hug.

  2. Martha says:

    Merry Christmas, bb; here’s to 2015.

  3. Never truer words, my beauty. 2015 is going to be awesome – and, perhaps, the year we get to meet! xo

    1. HEY i was just going through old mix posts and GUESS WHAT we did get to meet in 2015. ❤

      1. BEST. YEAR. EVER. xx

  4. fuzzydinosaur says:

    hello and thank you, as always!

  5. bryiarrose says:

    guess i’ll finally hear a taylor swift song… i’m sure it’s worth it if you say it is. ❤ you.

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