concerts: drive-by truckers @ the tabernacle

drive-by truckers @ the tabernacle

I wrote about the Truckers for Speakers this week. Full set, including St. Paul & the Broken Bones, on Flickr.

Set list: English Oceans / Righteous Path / A Ghost To Most / Pauline Hawkins / Birthday Boy / Girls Who Smoke / Where The Devil Won’t Stay / Sinkhole / Sounds Better In The Song / Tornadoes / Primer Coat / The Living Bubba / ‘Til He’s Dead Or Rises / Buttholeville / Shit Shots Count / Lookout Mountain // Encore: First Air of Autmun / Runaway Train / Women Without Whiskey / Box of Spiders / Zip City / Hell No I Ain’t Happy / Marry Me / Grand Canyon

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