record store day: rye & lauren st jane

record store day: lauren st jane

record store day: rye

I was down in Atlanta for Record Store Day over the weekend, and Trav had to work, so I hied myself over to Mojo Vinyl in Roswell — a great store, and I had a lovely conversation with folks there about the Thrill, and I bought an old RSD Whiskeytown 7″ that I didn’t already own — and hung out with 2/5ths of Trav’s band, frontwoman Lauren St Jane and their guitarist Wes, while Trav was occupied with continuing to be employed. It was a chilly but excellent afternoon; Lauren traded off sets with ATL band Rye, and I loved hanging out with musicians who weren’t my usual suspects in the NC. (Not that I don’t love my usual suspects; I do. It’s just nice to shoot new faces every once in a while.)

Good folks. More photos of Lauren here.

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