concert: typhoon w/ PHOX and wild ones @ cat’s cradle

typhoon @ cat's cradle

I started crying two and a half minutes into Typhoon’s set and didn’t stop until they finished playing. It was was an extraordinarily beautiful show, White Lighter is even more powerful live, the crowd was incredibly into the set, and when I took my earplugs out at the end of “Young Fathers”, mid set, for the chorus at the end, I thought my heart was going to explode with how stunning the combination of the band and the crowd chanting i just called to tell you, i just called to say — learned all your mistakes, passed down through generations. Like, seriously, buckets of weeping.

PHOX @ cat's cradle

wild ones @ cat's cradle

PHOX and Wild Ones — PHOX from Wisconsin, Wild Ones from Typhoon’s hometown of Portland — are opening on this tour, and they were both excellent as well. I’d caught PHOX opening for Blitzen Trapper back in the fall, and they were even more polished and charming this time around; catchy two-guitar pop songs with well used hand claps and a great stage presence. Wild Ones, who all appeared to be about 16 years old in the best possible way, play gauzy electronic pop-rock with an electrically compelling frontwoman, Danielle Sullivan. I loved both sets.

Loads more photos on Flickr.

I leave you with this great rainy video of Kyle from Typhoon and Danielle from Wild Ones covering John Prine’s “In Spite Of Ourselves”, because just yes please. (This one’s particularly for you, baby. Love you.)

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