always been

christmas at holden beach

1. tales of new year’s festivities

My fat ass sat on the couch with take out Indian food and two cats, and we watched football until I fell asleep. I am so cool.

2. accounting for some unfinished business

I’m still an alcoholic, and I always will be. Thanks for loving me anyway.

3. envisioning the year ahead

I’m gonna watch more baseball than I did last year. I’m gonna travel. I’m gonna decorate my house. I’m gonna take a lot of photos. I’m gonna eat a lot of burritos. I’m gonna spend as much time as I can with one particular person I love very much.

4. any sort of resolutions

Shoot the Black Keys.
Be happy.
Win lottery.

5. an extended and unfortunately eloquent harangue

so let’s get by on a wing and a folk song

6. a final thought composed in silence

I remain thankful, as always, for shep., the cats, the Axis, Pam, Allie, Cee, Michelle, Andrea, and Martha, badass lady rock stars, Chicago public transportation, friends you make via the internet, my credit score, Josh Ritter and Mason Jennings, Indian take-out food, being employed, the local scene, everyone at the Cradle, the 506, and Haw River Ballroom, Angry Birds, Frank Turner’s tour diaries, AND ALSO … FUCK YOU, Rob Sheffield’s books, and people who have loved me since I was a dumb kid.

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