request for submissions: the first album i ever bought


Since people seem interested in this, here’s a template for submitting a piece on The First Album You Ever Bought!

  • Email the piece — 200-300 words minimum, no maximum but do try to contain yourself to not, say, 10,000 words — to aggie.speakersincode AT gmail with the subject line The First Album I Ever Bought.
  • Include the band name and the name of the record at the beginning of your email.
  • Include the name you’d like published (it can be as simple as your first name or your initials) with the piece, and links to anything you’d like linked: a blog, your Twitter, Flickr, any or other or none of the above.
  • If you’d like to include a short bio — Agatha Donkar is a lazyass blogger who pays for concerts by taking photos and pays the bills working for The Man, and who’s getting other people to do her work for her on this one — feel free to do so, but totally not necessary.
  • I honestly, genuinely don’t care what your first album was, but you can’t submit something that’s embarrassed about what you bought. You gotta own your purchase.
  • You can write about an album that someone else has already written about. Your story is different from their story. I want all the stories. Don’t hesitate to submit just because someone else has written about your album.
  • If you’d like to, say, write about the first album you bought in college, or the first album you bought the first time you lived in your new apartment, or the first album you bought on vinyl, or some such variation, feel free, just please detail the variation in your email / your piece.

That’s it! If you have questions, you can comment here or email me. Submissions are permanently open until I decide otherwise, and I’ll notify submitters when I’ll be posting their pieces individually. (Once I figure out how I plan to.)

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