worth getting up for in may

young wild things tour: fall out boy

Worth getting up for in May: UNC baseball winning the ACC tournament; the beauty of the 18 inning game against State in said tournament; #1 national seed in the NCAA tournament; the UNC women’s lacrosse team’s national championship; a day second-camming for Gorman; ice cream sandwiches; The Closer; Fall Out Boy at the 9:30 Club*; Puzzle & Dragons, aka my new favorite dumb phone game; the weekends I never got out of bed; stupid YA novels about mermaids; the Orioles still being over .500; Kevin Gausman’s debut (the event, not the actual game); my new purse from Bagallini; bacon cheeseburgers; fried dumplings from the place across the street; enchiladas from the other place across the street; the colors at the farmer’s market; my iPad; seeing t. for the first time in months; Kat visiting; the new Radiation City record and the debut record from the Front Bottoms; naps.

* Technically this doesn’t happen until tomorrow but basically there’s no way it won’t be worth getting up for.

** This is an old photo. 2007. It’s there to remind me where I’ve been, and where I’m going tonight, which is the photo pit at the 9:30 Club to shoot FOB. 5 years in the making.

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