drive-by truckers @ haw river ballroom

drive-by truckers @ haw river ballroom

drive-by truckers @ haw river ballroom

drive-by truckers @ haw river ballroom

I hadn’t seen the Truckers in almost 18 months — Hopscotch 2011 — and when Patterson launched into “The Living Bubba” last night, even as I was deeply exhausted and irritated at the crowd, it felt like a physical relief to see the band. They have meant so much to me for many years, and while it was strange to not see Shonna up there, I think they’re sounding the best they ever have. Patterson and Cooley are such a well-oiled machine, Jay Gonzalez is too talented at everything, EZB is a machine, and the new little bassist from the Dexateens is having the time of his life playing with them. Everyone on stage looked happy and relaxed, and it shone through in their playing.  Mike Cooley is still desperately sexy. It felt familiar, and it made me happy.

I had a few bad interactions in the crowd, and, just, you know: you are not entitled to anything just because you think you love a band the best. There’s no way to measure that. And shoving people out of the way makes you a bad person.

Regardless: last night, I really loved the Truckers, and that makes me happy today.

the whigs @ haw river ballroom

I really loved the Whigs’ last record, and I enjoyed large chunks of their opening set. There was some rambly guitar wanking in the middle of their set that I found deeply irritating, because my feelings about jam bands are well-documented, but it didn’t turn me off, just bored me a bit. The rest of their set was great.

Full photo set is here.

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  1. Jim says:

    Mad I missed this. Didn’t know the new bassist was from the dexateens(Birmingham band). It’s funny there are always a few total douchebags at DBT shows. When I saw them in the street at Lincoln Theatre a few years ago, a 6’4″ tard kept yelling “company I keeeeeep!” after every song. When it became clear to him it wasn’t on their set list that night. He yelled “fuck me” if the whole night was a loss. I had a nice lol about it. Thx for the review and the pix.

    1. Don’t know for sure he played with the Dexateens but that’s what somebody said last night — given how many bassists they went through, he could have and I just didn’t notice. He’s good, though; fits right in with the band perfectly. They sounded excellent last night.

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