show preview: dragonette @ cat’s cradle

the tender fruit @ the cradle

Things I love: bands from Canada, electro-pop, ladies making kickass music. Here are some things that Dragonette is: a kick-ass female-fronted electro-pop band from Canada. They’re currently touring with Major Lazer, a sold-out show at the Cradle on Thursday, and I’m going to implore you to get there early enough to see Dragonette, because I think you’ll fall hard for them. They released their third studio record, Bodyparts, last year to a whole bunch of acclaim and a Juno Award, and while I know that you’re all heading to the Cradle to shake it to Major Lazer, be ready to shake it a whole set earlier when Dragonette hits the stage.

Stream two tracks below, and check out this great interview from last fall, when the band played a sold out show in Los Angeles at El Ray.

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