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In January, I resolved to only read books that were on my GoodReads to-read list on January 1.

This went … sort of well. What I ended up reading in January:

  • Second Chance Summer, Morgan Mattson
  • Carry The One, Carol Anshaw
  • Gone, Gone, Gone, Hannah Moskowitz
  • Teeth, Hannah Moskowitz
  • Ryan Adams: Losering, A Story of Whiskeytown, David Menconi
  • The Quickening Maze, Adam Foulds
  • Beautiful Ruins, Jess Walter
  • Rock On, Denise Vega
  • Catherine, April Lindner
  • Paper Valentine, Brenna Yovanoff
  • More Baths Less Talking, Nick Hornby
  • The Brides Of Rollrock Island, Margo Lanagan
  • The Man From Primrose Lane, James Renner
  • The Tragedy Paper, Elizabeth LaBan
  • Then You Were Gone, Lauren Strasnick
  • Baby Doll Games, Margaret Maron
  • The Darling Strumpet, Gillian Bagwell
  • Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe, Shelley Coriell
  • The Name Of The Star, Maureen Johnson
  • The Book Thing, Laura Lippman
  • Return To Me, Justina Chen Headley
  • The Madman’s Daughter, Megan Shepherd
  • The Dead & Buried, Kim Harrington
  • Elemental, Antony John
  • The Devil You Know, Mike Carey
  • Vicious Circle, Mike Carey
  • Dead Men’s Boots, Mike Carey
  • Thicker Than Water, Mike Carey
  • The Naming of the Beasts, Mike Carey
  • The Vast Fields of Ordinary, Nick Burd
  • Carved In Bone, Jefferson Bass
  • Flesh and Bone, Jefferson Bass
  • The Devil’s Bones, Jefferson Bass
  • Bones of Betrayal, Jefferson Bass
  • The Bone Thief, Jefferson Bass
  • The Bone Yard, Jefferson Bass
  • The Riptide Ultra-Glide, Tim Dorsey
  • The Inquisitor’s Key, Jefferson Bass
  • Speaking From Among The Bones, Alan Bradley

Not much nonfiction, because after I finished the Ryan Adams and the Hornby, I settled into Those Guys Have All The Fun, the ESPN oral history, which was great, but huge. Lots of YA, as always, including a bunch of January 2013 titles. And a few cheats: some things I added to list after January 1, a Sigrid Halstad mystery I hadn’t read yet that I found, and somehow on the day of the AFC and NFC championships I read three Felix Castor novels by Mike Carey. Whoops. I also got bogged down in Wolf Hall – but making progress! 60%! – so I ended up reading a bunch of serial stuff for brain-lightening. Some end-of-year best-of 2012 adult fiction, some stuff from back episodes of book podcasts, all of it good to varying degrees.

My most listened album in January 2013 was Wooden Wand’s Blood Oaths of the New Blues. The song I listened to most was Lulu & the Lampshades’ ‘Cups (You’re Gonna Miss Me)’ at 67 plays. I (re)watched all of Bones Seasons 5 and 6, and read 39 books. Mostly I slept and read and watched Bones, because I am a sloth in the winter.

In February I’m reading Great Expectations for the first time, and if I finish it before the end of the month, I’m going to read Agnes Grey for the first time, too. Join me?

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  1. Bunners says:

    Oooh, ooh! What was your favorite of the YA books you read this month? I’m HUNGRY for good YA.

    1. All of Margo Lanagan’s stuff is gorgeous and weird and creepy and super super dark, but lovely; both the Brides of Rollrock Island and Tender Morsels are fucked up and sad but beautiful. And ‘The Name Of The Star’ is the first in a series and was great, creative supernatural stuff and lovely writing. Those were my favorites but they were all good.

      1. Bunners says:

        \o/ I AM EXCITE. Seriously, getting a Kindle has been so fucking good for my reading levels. I whipped through 10 (new! not re-reads!) books in the last month and I’m honestly not sure I read 10 new books in all of 2012. (SHAME ON MY FAMILY, SHAME ON MY COWS.)

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