when i’m not here

lukas nelson @ dpac

Places you can find me when I’m not posting as much here:

Twitter: @brandnewkindof ; day-to-day life stuff, retweeting photo posts and sports links, music links, general ephemera of my brain, immediate links to blog posts and photos on Flickr.

Tumblr: brandnewkindof ; other people’s stuff that I like reblogged, mostly sports photos, travel photos, and lots of things related to Justified. Inspiration uncurated, just shared.

Pinterest: brandnewkindof ; curated inspiration boards for photo projects, both specific and general, but no recipes or crafts (those go on Pinboard).

Pinboard: brandnewkindof ; bookmarks, mostly of the recipes and interior design and travel reminder variety, with occasional fanfiction and vintage style.

Yelp: brandnewkindof ; one-day-when-I-have-money-to-travel-loads bookmarks, Triangle reviews, tracking for my hot dog project and my eat-in-every-NC-county project.

My day job ; not fun, but necessary.

Feel free to follow me anywhere but my day job. That’s stalking, you guys, don’t be that person, I’m not that interesting.

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