decide what to be, then go be it

eyes in the light

Since the mid-nineties, Justin has been saying, ironically or not, that this is how your first entry of the new year should always be, and so it is.

  1. tales of new year’s festivities

    shep. and t. and I watched Pitch Perfect; Clea and the Film Guy came over; t. went out; Clea and the Film Guy went out; shep. and I watched the end of the LSU/Clemson game, the ESPN countdown, and then I passed out. Livin’ the high life.

  2. accounting for some unfinished business

    i haven’t finished a thing since i started my life
    i don’t feel much like starting now

  3. envisioning the year ahead

    Baseball, rock and roll, and salads.

  4. any sort of resolutions

    I resolve to shoot the Black Keys, and to be happy.

  5. an extended and unfortunately eloquent harangue

    but i will not chase your shadow as you go from room to room,
    droppin’ handkerchiefs and daggers, smokin’ guns and other clues
    for what someone did with someone and who did what to who.

  6. a final thought composed in silence

    Hey, you. Yeah, you. I love you, and you’re awesome.

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