lists: things i want from the photojojo store for christmas

new camera bag

I love the Photojojo store. I love Photojojo, period, and their Tumblr is amazing, but they always have the best stuff in their store, and I can never indulge myself because I’m always broke, so since this is the season for giving, if you’re feeling generous, here’s a list of stuff from the Photojojo store that I, or maybe your own resident camera geek, might want!

  • The Egg Carton 35mm Film Case. One of the things I’m going to do in 2013, just as soon as I get a new battery for Boomer, my old SLR, is shoot more film, both 35mm and 120mm. I’d love to have this for storage. I’d love a 120mm version too, hint hint, Photojojo.
  • The Lens Shot Glass set and the Lens Coffee Mug (both Nikon, por favor). I collect shot glasses and I drink coffee. I need both of these things.
  • The DSLR Wheel Of Filters (Nikon). Shooting 120mm film in a real Holga is expensive, so having a fake Holga to slap on my DSLR would be awesome.
  • The Dreamy Diana Lens is my #1 want from the Photojojo store. I’ve coveted it for years, because I don’t have a Diana but I love the way they shoot, and I would use this lens like mad, especially at the beach and in cemeteries and crawling around North Carolina.
  • The Lens Bracelets or the Sterling Lens Cuff. I don’t wear many bracelets because they go click-click-click against my lenses (same for rings), but both of these are too cool to pass up. The sterling one is amazing.
  • USB Film Roll. Just damn cool.
  • The Camera Strap Buddy. So much more convenient in a sold out show to have your camera snugged against your body, instead of an expensive lens swinging in the wind at the mercy of teenagers.
  • The Polaroid Z2300. It prints stickers from digital images and it does it instantly. So many dumb musician faces on stickers, you guys, so little time. I crave the super expensive $205 version, but I’d settle for the $160 version, obviously. <grin>
  • Magnetic Photo Rope. I have so many prints floating around my bedroom, and no way to display them.

So that’s my Photojojo wishlist, guys! Something not on my list, because T. got it for me a few years ago, but that I love love love, especially at holiday season, is the SLR Bokeh Kit. I had so much fun with it out in Caswell County last year, and they’re my most viewed photos on Flickr.

Happy holidays!

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