old 97s @ cat’s cradle

old 97s @ cat's cradle

Okay, look, let’s just get this out of the way: if you’re touring the anniversary of Too Far To Care, and thus are playing the record start to finish, and thus are opening every show with “Timebomb”, I don’t care that you’ve been using it as your closer for 15 years, since the album was released, you find another song to close with, because playing the same song twice in one set is just fucking weird, Stewart Ransom Miller II.

I am just saying, is all. It’s weird.

old 97s @ cat's cradle

Set list:

Too Far To Care: Timebomb /Barrier Reef / Broadway / Salome / W. TX Teardrops / Melt Show / Streets Of Where I’m From / Big Brown Eyes / Just Like California / Curtain Calls / Niteclub / House That Used To Be / Four Leaf Clover

Second set: Mama Tried / Grand Theatre / Bright Spark / King Of All The World / Oppenheimer / Question / White Port / Victoria / Won’t Be Home / Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You) / Rollerskate Skinny / Doreen // Valentine / Champaign, Illinois / Timebomb

old 97s @ cat's cradle

So: heavy on the Grand Theatre stuff in the second set, which is logical, since they’re the two most recent albums. The classics. A second version of “Timebomb”, because … I don’t know why. And the kicker, the song that made the even worth it above and beyond how worth it the evening had already been, “Valentine”, also known as my favorite Old 97s song that I never ever in a million years thought I’d get to hear live.

Rhett did a short opening set — including an excellent cover of the song from whence the band gets there name, which was fun — and the Travoltas were the second open. They were a really good time, in a retro pop matching polyester suits way. They’ve got a Kickstarter going right now, if retro matching suits ’70s pop is your gig. (It’s mine.)

old 97s @ cat's cradle

Full set is here. It was magic.

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