the corin tucker band @ local 506

the corin tucker band @ local 506

the corin tucker band @ local 506

Corin Tucker can flat-out rock. That’s what I took away from last night’s show; it was an aural assault of highly danceable tunes from her airtight band off Kill My Blues, her latest solo release on Kill Rock Stars. It’s excellent, her show was excellent, and I’m kind of ashamed that I didn’t tell her how much she rocks when she was sitting by herself at the merch table before the show. I was a little too starstruck, which almost never happens to me.

But, hey, I can say it now: Corin Tucker, you’ve been one of my heroes for a really long time, and thank you for kicking so much ass last night.

Full set here.

Author: brandnewkindof

Photographer, baseball fan, lover of rock music, sweet tea, chili cheese hotdogs, and Matt Wieters.

One thought on “the corin tucker band @ local 506”

  1. I am so very jealous. I wish she’d come back to the UK – last time I saw her here was at S-K’s last Glasgow show. I accidentally stalked her in the toilets, and she signed my ticket with eyeliner (because it was all I had handy).

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