delicate cutters @ motorco garage

delicate cutters @ motorco garage

delicate cutters @ motorco garage

delicate cutters @ motorco garage

I still believe in the record label; that is, I believe in finding the small labels curating a select roster of bands and, if you like the bands they have, trusting them to find you new ones. One of those labels, for me, is Skybucket Records out of Birmingham, who used to release the Dexateens’ records before the Dexateens split. I love the Dexateens, and thus, I trust Travis Morgan and Skybucket to introduce me to other Alabama-centric bands I’ll love.

Last year he introduced me to Birmingham’s Delicate Cutters and their record Some Creatures, which ended up on my Top 25 list at the end of the year. They have an ethereal and fierce sound, which is highlighted all the more live with soaring fiddle lines that occasionally get lost on their records. They played to a small crowd in the Motorco Garage last night, but I like to think they made a few new fans, so they’ll come back, because they sure as hell impressed me. And I’d never have discovered Delicate Cutters if I hadn’t trusted a small label to steer me right.

So there’s a lesson for you, and a great new band. Delicate Cutters have a new record, Ring, available now; I’ll have a review up later this week.

Full set here.

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