need promo photos? i’m your girl.

promo photos: the fooligans

Locals — or out-of-towners playing in Chapel Hill; wish I could do Raleigh or Durham for a shoot, but I can’t — if you’re in the market for new promo photos for an upcoming release, a tour, or just because your bassist quit, I’m running a May special:

Email me — asdonkar AT gmail, subject line Promo — before May 31, and I will cut you a great deal on new photos. Instead of a flat rate plus anything over 5 hours hourly, for a reduced flat rate only, I will give you an entire morning, afternoon, or evening (4-5 hours) of shooting on top of two hours of pre-shoot consulting. Happy to provide references or full sets for review if you want them, and of course specific flat rates. Email me! I’ll make you look really beautiful! I work fast and smart! You know you want to email me. Do it. Do it.

A girl’s gotta pay her speeding tickets somehow, you know.

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